This is a list of most of the free software that I use in the project (in order of importance).

Esta es una lista de la mayor parte del software libre que utilizo en el proyecto (en orden de importancia).


Distros (GNU/Linux OS)

  • KX Studio // Collection of applications and plugins for professional audio production in Debian based distros.
  • AV Linux // Light ditro aimed for multimedia content creators in i386 processors.
  • Musix // Iberoamerican distro aimed for multimedia & arts, for the IA-32 processor family based on Debian.
  • Ubuntu Studio // Distro aimed for multimedia production & editing, based in Ubuntu.

Gaphics/ Video / Visuals

  • GIMP // Image Creation & Editing
  • Inkscape // Vector Graphic Editor
  • Kdnlive // Video Edition
  • Processing 2 // Environment and code programming language for visuals
  • Fluxus // Environment and code programming language for visuals aimed for live-coding.
  • Synfig Studio // 2D Animation Studio
  • Mandelburber // 3D Fractal Creator & Editor
  • Blender // 3D Modelling & Animation Studio
  • Y.A.P.R.M.// Modeller to 3D spaces and surfaces